View the contents of the barrel from both ends,
Fitted with brass spigot & bung finished with 2mm brass coloured hoops
medium charred staves outside finish natural
280mm x 190mm x 4 kg holds 5 litres

These new virgin white oak barrels are perfect for aging cognac, brandy, whiskey, perennial wine, the production of such noble alcoholic beverages is impossible without oak barrels! This storage feature directly affects the taste of beverage: thanks to a good oak barrel, we can get a unique color and that very exquisite aroma with hints of wood, which will only improve with every year of storage!

Long-term aging in oak barrels gives the product about five hundred useful elements. Some of them affect the color, others change the taste in a special way, and some increase the shelf life of the beverage. It is the oak that provides the drink with the very bouquet of aromas that sommeliers and gourmets appreciate so much!