High quality food grade brass taps with tapered thread for wooden barrels, kegs and casks,

These taps are typically used to dispense wine, port, whiskey and other distilled products.

Hole size 13mm Thread goes from 12.5mm to 13.5mm = $30.00

Total length 69mm inside barrel 22mm outside barrel 47mm height 52mm width 18mm

Hole size 16mm Thread goes from 15mm to 17mm = $35.00

Total length 117mm inside barrel 44mm outside barrel 73mm height 58mm width 18mm

Hole size 18mm Thread goes from 16mm to 19mm = $45.00

Total length 137mm inside barrel 50mm outside barrel 87mm height 75mm width 22mm

Hole size 24mm Thread goes from 22.5mm to 25.5mm = $50.00

Total length 154mm inside barrel 52mm outside barrel 102mm height 75mm width 22mm

Matching brass bung available hole size 20mm = $15.00

To order brass bung place note in Order Notes and pay extra $15.00 when ordering brass tap.