Step 1

Fill the Oak Bottle with warm water. Leave overnight to insure there is no leaks.

Step 2

Check there is no leaks. When happy remove all of the water.

Step 3

Fill with alcohol and wait until your desired oak taste.

(Usually 2 to 4 hours for wine, or 24 to 48 hours for spirits).

Step 4

Serve and enjoy!

The mini infuser made from 100% European white Oak ( Quercus Robur ) finished with natural linseed oil on the outside only to protect the timber and a med charr on the inside.

Holds 500ml, 295mm H x 90mm W

The Staves are air dried for two years, Does not contain wax, varnish paint or glue inside or out, Has four stainless hoops.

This is a brand new oak bottle, The oak used in this bottle is the same timber as that used by wine makers ( white oak ) for ageing and maturing Ports, Wine, Whiskey or what ever you wish to try. Due to their size the much larger barrels used in wineries, expose less area of oak to the wine. This means that in a small oak bottle, the desired flavour and colour extraction to your product is much more rapid.

  • The Oak Bottle makes average wines or spirits taste like an expensive top shelf vintage in as little as two hours
  • Unlike oak chips, infusion spirals and oak barrels, the oak bottle is a practical, fast, fun, and affordable way to customize your favorite beverages.
  • More surface area touching less volume allows the vessel to infuse the drink inside with charred oak flavor and aroma quicker.
  • It’s not just for wine or whiskey. Works great with tequila, bourbon, rum, beer, cocktails, hot sauce, BBQ sauce and balsamic vinegar.