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How to Grow Your Strawberry Plants In Barry's Planter?

Before you buy a strawberry planter, there a couple of things which are useful to know. Barry's Barrels has summired some useful infrmation below before buy a strawberry planter. In case you have any additoinal suggestion or feedback, please let us know by sending an e-mail, we like to hear from you!

Strawberries Plants
The best loved of all summer fruits, their sweet red berries are irresistible to almost everyone. Very quick to produce their fruits, strawberry plants are an excellent crop for the amateur.
They are different from most fruits in that their seeds are produced on the outside of the fruit - this combined with their bright red colour has the unfortunate side-effect of making them very attractive to birds.
Summer fruiting strawberry plants crop over a very short period, not much more than three weeks. Perpetual strawberries however, produce three flushes of fruit, cropping throughout the entire summer.

Where To Grow
Frost is the first thought when considering where to grow strawberry plants in your garden. They are very hardy plants during the winter but are not so hardy when they burst into life in spring. Strawberries produces flowers early in the Spring and because they are close to the ground, it is important to position strawberries where they have least risk of frost. The highest ground is always the best.

Strawberries can also be grown on the patio in hanging baskets suspended from tree limbs, in tile flues filled with soil, and in decorated gallon cans attached to a fence. Old tires, scalloped along the edges with a sharp knife and colorfully painted, can serve as strawberry planters as well as flower patio planters they might even be piled one atop the other and made into a strawberry planter. For a really unusual effect, try inserting a few plants in soil filled crevices of old logs. Or plant strawberries on the patio itself between bricks laid in sand. But overall the best way to plant is to use our strawberry planters are you can move them around and pick the best spot on your deck or patio.

The next considerations are sun and wind - grow them in the sunniest position in the planter and in the least windy. Too much wind and insects will be unable to pollinate the plants. One tip, don't plant strawberries where peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes have been grown - these plants could pass on verticillium wilt, a serious strawberry disease. Neither should strawberries be grown on land which has recently had grass growing on it - there will undoubtedly be a large number of wireworms on such land who will enjoy eating your strawberries long before you get your chance!
Strawberries grow very well in wine barrel planters. The soil retains the moisture that they so love but at the same time there is no waterlogging. Strawberries in particular start to rot in waterlogged conditions. Where a raised bed is used, feed the soil with liquid tomato fertiliser every two weeks.




Soil Preparation
Strawberries do not produce deep roots, but they very much appreciate their soil being well-dug to a spades depth. Prepare the soil at least one month before planting. Incorporate as much organic matter as possible and include two handfuls of bonemeal per square metre (yard). A few days before planting apply the recommended dose of general fertiliser. Strawberries are greedy feeders over a relatively short period of time

How to order your strawberry planter?
To have your planter delivered (do not forget the potting mix), please e-mail your requirements and location and we will let you know the per freight price within one business day..

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